A caccia d’idee: i migliori REGALI BEAUTY per il 2021

Over the years, aesthetics has become a very important factor for both women and men and more and more often you choose it as a theme for a gift. If on the occasion of Black Friday you have decided to take you forward with gifts for the Christmas 2020In this article you will find the advice for buying the Criotrapiapia.com team.

Find out what I am 5 best beauty gifts in 2020


Everyone aspires to stay young as long as possible and have a perfect skin. In the pursuit of this cell lives can play a fundamental role. Foto therapy with red light helps tissue oxygenation, reduces wrinkles and spots by increasing collagen production. Furthermore, annihilating the production of bacteria that cause acne and student the arthritis pains by decreasing joint rigidity. The improvement on the tone and the brightness of the skin are evident even after few uses.


Fatigue and a marked face can be evident on the face of those who have a lively life and is often traveled. To counter the signs of Jet Leg and always have a rested aspect, we at Cryuterapia.com recommend the use of Cryosphere. A steel sphere filled with a liquid argon and a handpiece that facilitates the execution of a myofacial massage, which helps relieve stress, stretches micro-wrinkles and minimizes the blemishes of the face. Thanks to the duration of 6 hours of refrigerant action and air transport compatibility, Cryosphere can become the valid ally during your movements.

Neck Hammock

Beauty also passes from relaxation. This device for easy and light cervical traction to transport allows you in just 10 minutes a day of use to relax your neck, reducing cervical pains and improving blood flow thanks to the expansion of space between vertebrae. Its sweet traction improves posture.


When it comes to sports even rest plays a fundamental role. SilentMode is a relaxation device and improvement of the mental condition which consists of a mask able to cancel the background noise, helping the physical recovery and the well-being of the mind through sounds and a special emission of waves range that favor sleep. Used by top managers and sportsmanship from around the world it allows to significantly reduce recovery times.

Hyperice - Hypersphere IS Hypersphere mini

This massaging sphere is extremely easy to transport and incredibly performing to dissolve muscle tension even of areas, usually, difficult to reach. Its design and the possibility of choosing between 3 vibration intensity allow you to set a different experience for each area of ​​the body that requires intervention. It is available in two versions: standard with a diameter of 12.5 cm and mini with a diameter of 9 cm.

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