A caccia d’idee: i migliori REGALI per FISIOTERAPISTI ed OSTEOPATI nel 2021

The week of Black Friday It is coming and brings with it many discounts. For everyone is an opportunity not to be missed to move forward with Christmas Gifts. If you want to play in advance, so as not to find yourself at the last moment without something to put under the tree but no good idea to you, this is the article that is for you. We will help you choose the most suitable present for a friend, a boyfriend or a sister who deals with physiotherapy or osteopathy.

Find out what I am 5 best gifts for physiotherapists and osteopaths in 2020

Smart Tool - Professional Set

The Smart Tool Iastm -Fibrolisori, are tools for the mobilization assisted soft tissues like cute, muscles and band that come from the ancient Chinese medical tradition. Their shape varies according to the measure, to the different chamferes and angles that can be adapted to the various parts of the body. This object combines the functionality for performing an elegant design therapies, completed by a rolling canvas case.


In a study where curative therapies are carried out it is important to deal with both physical and mental patient well-being. This is why air quality is a very important factor. Also thanks to the interaction of an UVC system, efficient and unparalleled on the market, it succeeds with its special ventilation technology to ensure optimal air purification and perfect environmental sanitation, reducing the biological charge of 99%.

Storatec - Full Body Rehab & Recovery System

The Full Body Rehab & Recovery System by Storatec and among the most advanced tools in the field of pressotherapy, chosen by the NBA for its athletes, taken from lymphatic drainage to post workout, to rehabilitation due to injury. Thanks to the LCD display it will be possible to set different pressure intensities to customize the treatment.

Neck Hammock

Beauty also passes from relaxation. This device for easy and light cervical traction to transport allows you in just 10 minutes a day of use to relax your neck, reducing cervical pains and improving blood flow thanks to the expansion of space between vertebrae. Sweet traction improves posture.

Hyperice - Hypervolt

Practical and powerful, so as to be chosen by the NFL for the physical recovery of its athletes during and post training and as a support during meetings. These are the main features of this wireless massager, perfect for vibration automassage. Thanks to its use you can eliminate muscle stiffness, relieving pains and contractures and reducing recovery times between one workout and another.

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