A caccia d’idee: i migliori REGALI per gli SPORTIVI nel 2021

We all have in the family or in our circle of friendships A sports lover, always looking for new tools for training and methods to enhance its performance. If you're taking advantage of the Black Friday To take you forward with Christmas Gifts But you don't really know what to give to those who love sport, we have the article for you.

Find out what I am 5 best sports gifts in 2020

Hyperice - Hypervolt

Practical and powerful, so as to be chosen by the NFL for the physical recovery of its athletes during and post training and as a support during meetings. These are the main features of this wireless massager, perfect for vibration automassage. Thanks to its use you can eliminate muscle stiffness, relieving pains and contractures and reducing recovery times between one workout and another.

Storatec - Full Body Rehab & Recovery System

The Full Body Rehab & Recovery System by Storatec and among the most advanced tools in the field of pressotherapy, chosen by the NBA for its athletes, taken from lymphatic drainage to post workout, to rehabilitation due to injury. Thanks to the LCD display it will be possible to set different pressure intensities to customize the treatment.

Hyperice - Ice Compression Technology

Discover the physical advantage of the combination between compression and cold thanks to Hyperice's Ice Compression Technology. Portable Device for Cryotherapy. The soft ultra-thin and antibacterial neoprene casing is equipped with a patented valve for air elimination, which guarantees better grip of the ice cell. Located on the area to be treated helps to prevent upholstery, tendinitis, spasms and muscle tension. Available for shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees and back.

Hypperice Venom

Discover the relaxing power that arises of the Union between heat and vibration. Hypperice Venom is available for shoulders, legs and lumbar area. Its ability to reach the temperature of about 80 ° in a few minutes, combined with the setting of different vibration intensities, help muscle relaxation and voltage release. Easy to carry can be worn at any time pre and post workout.


When it comes to sports even rest plays a fundamental role. SilentMode is a relaxation device and improvement of the mental condition which consists of a mask able to cancel the background noise, helping the physical recovery and the well-being of the mind through sounds and a special emission of waves range that favor sleep. Used by top managers and sportsmanship from around the world it allows to significantly reduce recovery times.

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