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Once upon a time, men hunted for eternal youth with strange concoctions made of donkey milk and ivory powder. Time has passed since then and - luckily for us - these spells are no longer needed to keep our body healthy, young and performing but rather it is enough to rely on the latest innovations offered by technology.

But why this sudden development of innovative machinery and therapies in the beauty and recovery field? Because the demand for these treatments is constantly growing - especially in recent years - e when the market demands, science responds and, with it, the innovative companies operating in this sector. a project that points to tomorrow is a portal that brings together the know-how of experienced trainers, coaches and physiotherapists to make all athletes (professional and not) better aware of all the opportunities for muscle improvement and recovery currently present on the market.

The team also supports the mission more linked to the educational aspect of communication an eCommerce with machinery dedicated to recovery products from the most advanced brands in the application of cryotherapy, vacuum therapy, pressure therapy and hydrotherapy.

There is a guarantee of the veracity of what is written and the quality of the products in the catalog Luca Lorandi, coach of the Italian national football team for more than 35 years in the world of sport and creator of

Since its inception, has wanted to ask how international landmark bringing all the most commonly used therapies in sports for muscle recovery and boosting athletic performance to a single site. The mission? Three words: Rehab, Restore and Relax.

Rehab: the rehabilitation process

Regardless of the level at which sports are practiced, a road accident can happen and, it is known, that for any athlete recovery is a long and tiring journey (not counting the psychological stress that is encountered). To promote rehabilitation and total recovery of original performance, it is possible to take advantage of the benefits of hydrotherapy, for example.

Regarding this particular treatment, the portal refers to Hydroworks: a world famous brand partner of Dallas Cowboys - famous American football team - or even of the Jacksonville Jaguars. The proposed machines are suitable for rehabilitation centers, clinics, hospitals, gyms... very spacious places that can manage swimming pools and water tanks.

Restore: a boost for your performance

Muscle recovery doesn't just mean getting your strength back after an accident or injury, it means allow the human body to quickly dispose of post-workout fatigue and improve blood circulation and drainage of liquids to boost the athlete's performance.

As for the part of restore, offers machines for cryotherapy, vacuum therapy and pressotherapy. In particular, as regards cold therapy, we are official Hyperice dealers: a brand that supports professional athletes around the globe including world ski champion Lindsey Vonn.

In addition to the famous cryochambers (double and triple), we also offer tools for ice compression: a therapy that combines the advantages of cold with those of limb compression to give much faster and immediate results.

As for pressotherapy, the leading brand chosen by our professionals is Normatec: thanks to its continuous research in the technological field, this brand has developed real kits for this treatment that can also be used outside a sports center bringing significant benefits to the athlete.

For vacuum therapy, on the other hand, we have Weyergans: a German brand that offers complex machinery for thevacuum application on the lower limbs and, in particular, for IVT (Intermittent Vacuum Therapy).

Relax: sport is also a matter of mind

Athletes are often subjected to not only physical but also mental stress: here's why has chosen relaxation as the third pillar of its mission. This, in fact, is the best therapy to be able to face a race at 100% of one's abilities.

Among the therapies described so far, cryotherapy is certainly the ideal treatment so much so that the total body is defined as systemic due to its beneficial action on the nervous system. However, there are also other methods to relax body and mind: on our portal we offer you Wellsystem and its water beds that allow all muscles to float and relax.

Rehab, Restore, Relax: three fixed points which, combined with the experience of the team and the quality of the products on the shop, provide all athletes and professionals working in the sports field a quality service for everything related to body care.

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