ALTERG - Anti -Gravity Treadmill


The ALTERG® Anti-Gravity Treatic ™ technology combines precision dispute technology with the analysis of real-time pairing and video feedback. No other dispute technology offers the same precision, accuracy and comfort of Alterg.

  • The treadmill Antigravity Fit is the treadmill Antigravity of Alterg easier to use and more convenient for physical rehabilitation and painless training. Combine the DAP (Differential Air Pressure) technology of the NASA with the sessions reports, the pain recording and the live video monitoring.
  • The treadmill Antigravity via opens new and innovative data -based possibilities. It combines DAP (differential Air Pressure) technology patented by NASA, a reduced height, an intuitive touchscreen interface, real -time step analysis and live video monitoring.
  • The Alterg® Pro Anti-Gravity Treati offers elite athletes the best for the recovery of accidents and training. It combines the DAP (Differential Air Pressure) technology of the NASA, a high -end slatt treadmill, real -time pace data and live video feedback.

Who we help:

Our Anti-Gravity Treatic ™ technology allows people to move in new and pain-free ways, to recover mobility, improve well-being and increase physical performance. In fact, Alterg is present in over 5,000 structures worldwide and has helped millions of people to achieve their goals safely and constantly and to obtain better results.

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