Aquilo Sports CCT1500 - Crio-Compression set


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Treatment: cryotherapy + pressotherapy (Air+water)

The Aquilo Sports recovery system It is an entire cooling and recovery plant in Crio-Comingion In a carry houses. Includes a 12L ice/water tank with one powerful pump incorporated inside.


The leather temperature will drop to the optimal recovery interval of 6º - 8ºC. Like an ice bath, the portable system of recovery of the Crio-Compass of Aquilo Sports It is known to help the healing of muscles and joints.

Reduce the recovery times with the complete cold therapy for the lower part of the Aquilo body in a 15-20 minutes session!

The resistant Carry Case has space To contain the control unit, the recovery legs, a battery and all the cables necessary for the wall power supply and to load the battery.

Even with all accessories, the Carry Case remains compact to be used as hand luggage.


  • Pneumatic compression up to 150 mmHg in 6 rooms
  • Lymphatic drainage mode/settings and constant pressure (users can all use or select the compression chambers)
  • Water circulation pump for cryotherapy or heat therapy options
  • Ability of a single or double limb (by air); Up to two users for water
  • Cyotherapy and compression methods can be used simultaneously or independently

The Aquilo recovery system includes:

  • Control unit
  • 2 recovery legs (select a size of trousers)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Network charger
  • Gambal transport case
  • Transport case (Carry Case)
  • Water tube
  • Compression tube
  • Instruction manual

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