Electric Cryorooms - Zimmer


The Zimmer Medizinsystem Cryblines offer a different experience from any others can be found.

Not only well -being but pure luxury.

With each breath at -85 ° C, almost double the oxygen is inhaled. The body releases more endorphins, hormones that relieve pain and stress and create a spontaneous sense of euphoria. You will be completely relaxed, while you regain full strength and energy. The effective way to physical well -being and mental balance.

Benefits of the Cryblines:

  • Promotes blood circulation,
  • Stabilizes the leather barrier function,
  • Breaks out the body,
  • Contrasts obesity and cellulite,
  • Prevents muscle sore,
  • It slows down aging processes and relieves age problems,
  • Prevents depressive moods, stress and burnout, e
  • Has a positive effect on performance capacity

Superior technology and maximum convenience

  • "Connected and feel good": this high -end Cryowellness device with a compressor turbo is powered by electricity, not by liquid gas.
  • It works in any room thanks to its compact and not very cumbersome construction and the sophisticated design of the cryotherapy chamber.
  • Automatic dehumidification for freezing: the chamber is automatically unravel.
  • Easy to use with the touch pad and with an iPhone/smartphone application.
  • Without obstacles to the outside: the heated glass door of the cryotherapy chamber does not take shape.
  • This gives the room a feeling of spaciousness.
  • Listen to the music or the radio with the MP3 connection and the speakers in the room.


Move slowly and calmly through the corner flow of the Crocamera for a maximum of three minutes. Listen to the music on your MP3 player, iPod or web radio, if you wish. Then rest for 20 minutes and you will feel a new person. For many hours to come.

Unique, safe, without liquid gas

Unlike the cold rooms of other producers, Zimmer Medizinsystem uses refrigeration compressors instead of liquid nitrogen. This spares the cost and drying of having to order and store liquid gas tanks. And it makes a safe cryocella possible in the private sector. Enjoy the highly concentrated air instead of a nitrogen bath.

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