CryoniQ - Cryo XC


CRYO XC® is currently the most advanced solution in the field of systemic cryotherapy. The XC® cryosauna model combines our experience in the daily use of this treatment with the feedback of thousands of customers and operators. To this we combine the technical skills of our highly specialized builders.

The cryosauna is composed of an aluminum structure and two reinforced doors hinged to it with a large display for setting the processes.

The advantages of XC® are greater exposure to cold air than average and maximum safety for customers thanks to unique safety features, greater efficiency in the use of liquid nitrogen and a perfect dry feeling during each session. .

The XC® uses an electromagnetic valve that makes available from the pressurized tank only the refrigerant necessary for the vaporization mechanism, which is followed by the transformation of liquid nitrogen into gas form air which is injected into the treatment cabin at a very low temperature.

XC® is intended for frequent use and is designed to enable more customers in a short amount of time. The pressurized XC® system is preferred by fitness centers, sports clubs, clinics seeking the highest efficiency in the single working day but also by individuals who require simple and reliable solutions. The drying cycle in the XC® is accelerated by additional heating elements which allow for shorter than average maintenance intervals.

The management system designed by Cryoniq allows you to keep track of the number of sessions, the times and methods of treatment, consumption as well as providing the tools capable of autonomously performing on-board diagnostics.





220V ± 22V AC, 50Hz; Adaptable

Maximum absorbed power

2 kW / h

Unit weight

320 Kg



Temperature during the session

From -100 ° C to -160 ° C

Start-up duration

1 minute

Liquid nitrogen consumption (pre-cooling)

3 liters

Liquid nitrogen consumption (treatment)

4 - 7 liters per session (depending on settings)

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