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Cryo LC Localized cryotherapy

The Cryo LC is a localized cryotherapy device designed for the quick application of the extreme cold in targeted areas of the body.

The device is used for targeted cryotherapy, cryopacceral or cryotherapy spot, but is also suitable for veterinary applications.

Daily users of localized cryotherapy include customers who need physiotherapy, sports recovery or medical care, but are also widely used by beauty professionals for its benefits on the modeling of the skin and body.

Quick cryotherapy offers the advantages of cold stimulation thanks to a quick response and a lasting effect without the negative effects of prolonged cooling of muscle tissue.

The LC applies nitrogen vapors to temperatures around -150 ° C / -240 ° F and is provided with a container DEWAR which contains 50 liters of LN2.

This volume allows up to 400 minutes of operation.

The function of nitrogen in localized cryotherapy

The nitrogen steam flow produced by the device reaches the operating temperature (-160 ° C) after only 30 seconds from the ignition at the output of the Aumer at the top of the flexible hose supplied. The flow of the flow can be adjusted on 6 different levels depending on the size of the surface to be treated and the type of problem. Cryo LC has been designed as a tool that can meet both the needs of medical-health operators, and those operating in the fields of rehabilitation, beauty, well-being and sport in general.

Technical specifications:

  • Means of cooling

    1 l = from 3 to 5 min (4 modes)

    Tank capacity
    50 L | 40 kg

    Total weight
    15 kg

    satisfied: 48.5 x 55 x 99.5 cm
    IMP: 19 x 22 x 39 inches

    230 V, 50 Hz / 110 V, 60 Hz

    Time for preparation
    30 s

    24 months*

    Certification | Class

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