Henshaw - PRO



One of our biggest models very popular among doctors, couples, celebrities and professional athletes. Very spacious allows the simultaneous treatment of two adults, ensuring maximum freedom of movement for patients and compliance with our strict and impeccable safety specifications. The strategic angle air inlet door and tamper-proof redundant pressure regulators keep the airflow circulating inside the chamber constant during treatments. Henshaw PRO is practical and ideal for clinics and individuals thanks to the spacious and illuminated interior through the large glass window that offers patients peace of mind during treatments. The spacious design combined with medical grade technology ensures durability and functionality over time.


  • 1.49 ATA (7.35 psi) operating pressure.
  • Rigid casing, for high performance, non-transportable device.
  • Double redundancy, tamper-proof pressure control valves
  • Glass ermetca door.
  • Designed to ensure better airflow through the chamber during treatments.
  • Additional port for external medical connection devices and availability of pure oxygen flow through the use of a special mask.
  • Produced with medically grade non-toxic components
  • Dehumidifier and air conditioning.
  • Shaped mattress that fits inside the room.



Length: 225 cm

Diameter : 75 cm



Casing, O2 Compressor, Dehumidifier: 60kg


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