Henshaw - Space


A combination of comfort and functionality with a large diametrical design for
offer patients greater freedom of movement, but still from the size
sufficiently contained to be placed in any environment. There
dual control valve technology for medical use or self treatment, e
the double-sided casing in polyurethane-coated polyester offer a design
ergonomic and, above all, impeccable safety specifications. Three large patient viewing windows illuminate the interior with room light. Strategically angled air inlet port and redundant tamper proof pressure regulators keep the flow of circular air constant throughout the chamber during treatments. The practical design and professional medical grade components ensure durability and functionality that will last for years.

● 1.31 ATA (4.5 psi) operating pressure
● Double sided polyurethane coated polyester shell
● Double redundancy pressure control valves, proof against
● Patented triple hinge seal.
● Designed to ensure better air flow through the chamber
during treatments.
● Additional port for external connection medical devices and pure oxygen flow from an external source through a special mask.
● Manufactured with non-toxic medical grade components
● Rigid frame that holds shape when deflated
● Shaped mattress that fits inside the room (optional)

Length: 225 cm
Diameter (inflated): 91 cm


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