The smallest electric Crio unit -110 ° C on the market It combines the comfort and size of a cryosauna. L'Icepod It is no nitrogen and high performance developed thinking about the ease of use. Simple management of 80 customers per day, it is ideal for use with high volume in Spa, Premium gyms, sports clubs, luxury hotels, health clinics and hospitals. It is also simple to install and use, making it the perfect choice for the private house market and even for luxury yachts.

The smallest on the market

With 1.3 m x 1.6 m x 2.36 m in height, the icepod® It is half of the dimensions of its nearest competitor.

True -110 ° C

The icepod® It is the only small unit of cryotherapy for the whole body that provides -110oc.

Wide choice of finishes

3 main external finishes: opaque, wood and structured, in a wide variety of colors, as well as an almost unlimited range of personalized options for the interior and the outside.

Lighting and sound

In addition to the lighting packages and standard sounds, we are able to offer tailor -made optical fibers, chromatotherapy and premium audio systems to your liking.

Icepod modular system®

The modular system Icepod® It was developed to better serve the end user and minimize installation costs.

Configure your own

A system of unity with a coherent style that can be adapted to the needs of the end user. From a small treatment room of 6 m2 To open -plan fitness spaces, we have flexible modules to develop the optimal treatment environment.

Unlimited options

Privacy screens are available, equipment storage, changing areas, relax-out spaces, shelves, living room areas and reception and waiting areas.

Just ask our team for more details.

Finishes and options

The icepod® It is available in 3 finishes:

Mat, timber and structured

The standard - Mat and timber or the premium - textured

Within these intervals, there is an almost unlimited variety of choice.

For those who are looking for that little extra, your imagination is the limit, we have an almost inexhaustible armory of personalized options.

Purchase methods

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