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To breathe It is for all of us an involuntary process, something that we are not used to thinking and of which we almost never evaluate the real applications on our body. L'oxygen But permeates every aspect of our life and is a fundamental element of each of our cells. 

How much can the quality of the air we breathe influence? The answer is: a lotThere are several studies that show how much the smog present in our city or the air that we breathe in closed and unhealthy environments can cost us respiratory pathologies or the appearance of allergies. 

The use of Not me- Active Mask It helps to improve the quality of the air that we breathe, thanks to its substantial intake of ions, its use is able to oxygenate the blood more by limiting tiredness, headache, promoting concentration and deeper and sleepless sleep stress or insomnia. 

Especially in this period due to the COVID-19 We often hear about people who have contracted the Crown virus And that suffer from respiratory problems for a long time after healing. There Not me - Active Mask It is a valid ally in the recovery of full respiratory potential. 

Increasing oxygen in the blood contributes to: 

  1. Improves the immune system 
  1. Improves the flow of enzymes that purify the blood 
  1. Increase in serotonin, with a decrease in stress, anxiety and insomnia 
  1. Anti-inflammatory effect 
  1. Improves the body's response to bacteria and viruses 

The use of Not me - Active Mask Is it recommended to? 

  1. Who suffers from respiratory pathologies 
  1. Those suffering from states of anxiety, stress and insomnia 
  1. People suffering from respiratory allergies 
  1. Subjects suffering from asthma 


  • 6.0 V battery 
  • Battery duration 18 h 
  • Battery charging time 8 h 
  • Concentration of about 3-5 mine. of negative ions 
  • Cable length 90 cm 
  • Weight 0.49 kg 


The use of the Aovero - Active Mask does it provide contraindications? 

No anyone can use ion inhalation therapy without finding any problems. 

When it can to be used the mask? 

The mask can also be worn for several hours and you can comfortably use it while working at the desk, you watch TV on the sofa, travel by car or while making a walk. 

What is perceived during the use of Iono-Active Mask?  

The ions cannot be perceived but those who use it warns in the immediate pleasant effect in breathing and greater lightness, such as when you breathe by the sea. 

How do I understand that the mask is active? 

To understand that the mask is ready for use, just wait for the lighting of blue light. 

More information on the Active Mask Iono?

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