Laserneedle touch orthophys


The Laserneedle Touch Orthophys is equipped with 5 red laser channels and 5 infrared laser channels.

The infrared laser has a greater depth of penetration than the red laser and therefore reaches deeper layers of fabric. The combination of the two wavelengths is particularly effective and recommended for the treatment of indications in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.


  • 5 Red Laser Channels
  • 5 Infred Laser Channels

Product characteristics:

  • Glass front with touchscreen
  • Color display for the display and adjustment of the treatment parameters
  • Individual control of each laser channel
  • Storage space for 20 treatment protocols
  • Multilingual intuitive interface (German, English, Portuguese, French)
  • Non -usaraating and easy to clean materials (glass surface)
  • Development, production, maintenance and service


  • Laserneedle Touch Orthophys with 5 red laser channels and 5 infrared
  • 5 synthetic optical fibers and 5 quartz optical fibers (infrared channels)
  • 20 Silicone applicators
  • Package of perforated chalk (3 rolls)
  • 20 self -adhesive applicators
  • 2 laser protective glasses
  • Laserneedle marketing material sample

Technical details:

  • Laser classification: 3r class
  • Number of laser channels (total of 10): 5 red laser channels = 658 nm and 5 infrared laser channels = 808 nm
  • Optical fibers: 5 regular optics fibers, length 2.2m (for red channels) E5 fiber optic quartz, length 2.2m (for infrared channels)
  • Optical power (per channel): max 40mw
  • Operating mode: continuous mode (CW mode) and modulation (frequency mode)
  • Modulation frequency: 0 - 10,000 Hz; 1 Hz resolution
  • Internal memory: 20 personalized treatment protocols
  • Electric power: 100-240 V AC/ 50-60 Hz


The Laserneedle Touch Orthophys is available in the following versions: trolley, mobile suitcase or combination.

Trolley: Laserneedle touch with special trolley. Equipped for use in the treatment room - flexible, mobile with perfect organization of optical fibers.

Custody unit: Laserneedle touch with custody and telescopic support unit for optical fibers. Particularly suitable for mobile applications such as training camps, sporting events or home visits.

* The cart and the case are also available separately.

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