ThroughTec LARGE Leg Accessory


Size: Tall Boot (195 cm and above and < 76 cm thigh)


Our full-length leg attachments are equipped with five overlapping zones for non-disruptive seam compression, high quality materials and a custom foot design that applies compression on the bottom of the foot without squeezing the toes uncomfortably. Leg recovery has never been more effective. The price is for one-leg connection.

  • The couplings are made of resistant, lightweight and high quality nylon
  • Three available lengths: "Short" is suitable for users with a height of less than 161 cm; the "Standard" is suitable for users from 164,5 cm to 192 cm in height; "Long" is suitable for users over 195 cm in height
  • Industrial hinge
  • Reduced maintenance - easily cleanable with a damp cloth.

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