PBAES - Stratosphere Exercise Room


The air generation systems, are simulated training rooms tailored for altitude training, built to meet the exact needs of customers.
Because each room is designed and built to fit any available space, customers can be sure to have a system that has been designed and built specifically for them, producing the most convenient way to produce hypoxic air for their stanza/ease.

It can simulate the hypoxic air up to an altitude of 5,000 m as standard, or a maximum altitude of 8,900 m for special projects on request. The hypoxic air generated is safe, reliable, and fully adjustable. The systems are controlled by a color touch screen located inside or outside the quota room, while the system components are housed within a dedicated facility room in the vicinity, thus maximizing space within the training room at the simulated altitude.
These larger systems create a convenient hypoxic space in which many athletes can train, at any time ; allowing more athletes to acquire the benefits associated with in-share coaching ; without expensive, long and disruptive overseas trips.
In short, the PBAES Stratosphere Hypoxic Air Generator Systems generate hypoxic air that is safe, reliable, and fully adjustable up to an altitude of 5,000 meters (11% oxygen) .*

Special features :
  • Each room is completely tailored. -Controlled by a touch screen panel located inside or outside the room
  • Easy to use.
  • Used for testing by effort, coaching, acclimation and recovery.

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