Physiolab - Portable S-1 package




Compression and cold work in teams like never before to accelerate trauma care and post-operative, post-injury recovery, and the treatment of chronic inflammation.

When the body suffers trauma, it triggers a number of physiological responses in an attempt to avoid damage to surrounding tissues and begin the restorative process. Inflammation is one of these natural mechanisms.

Although it is a fundamental component of the healing process, the inflammatory response causes localized increases in tissue temperature, the formation of edems and oxygen deficiency at the cellular level. All this translates into pain that actually hinders recovery: here comes into action thePhysiolab, Alabamathat synergistically combining active compression and cold therapies creates a complete recovery protocol.

Therefore every human being from the athlete to an elderly person, can use Physiolab, Alabama with huge results already from the first applications.

Physiolab, Alabama S-1 includes: central unit, ice and water container, power supply and attachment connection tube.

ATTENTION: this Item does not contain any Attachments, you can choose in the store the most suitable for your therapy and insert it in the cart.

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