Physiolab - Portable S-1 package




Physiolab S-1 is the Complete and portable solution for the cold and compression.

The early application of cold and compression after the injury helps to reduce swelling, pain, spasms and edema. In addition, it accelerates the care of trauma and post -operative recovery and post -injury. Anyone can use it With enormous results already from the first applications.

Physiolab S-1 has 4 pre-configured programs or a fully configurable manual program.

Physiolab S-1 includes:

  •       Central unity,
  •       ice and water container,
  •       power supply,
  •       connection tube to the accessory.

Accessory not understood, you can choose that more suitable for you in the store:

-        gambe knees,

-        ankle,

-        Also,

-        arm,

-        shoulders

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