Swedish Posture-Posture Balance


Color: Black


Strengthens the central muscles and improves the mobility of the hip while doing other things!

  • Strengthens the central muscles while you work
  • Improves posture by obtaining a stronger abdomen
  • It makes you sit in ergonomic position
  • Activates all the body while sitting
  • Perform exercises of about 15-30 at a time.

Posture exercises and muscles

The balance of posture is a balance seat that encourages you to exercise your muscles and posture. With balance, you improve movement and flexibility while doing other things. Sit on Posture Balance for 15 -30 at a time.

Desk exercises

Posture Balance can turn your desk, home, office or couch into a mini low-intensity gym. A chance to sit in shape and do "deskexercise"!

Being more productive

To do more in a day, a good posture is very important. Why is a good posture important? Body posture influences body language, mood, and results. It increases your well-being and decreases stress levels, while reinforcing your back and central muscles.

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