Swedish Posture - Posture Feminine


Color: Black
Size: XS


A comfortable and elegant posture that improves women's underwear, to be worn daily.

  • Improve posture by gently pushing your shoulders back
  • Prevents the shoulders from rolling forward with the bolero design
  • Comfortable, elastic, elegant and washable
  • Nice design and only for women
  • Can be worn all day

Improves physique and appearance

Female Posture is a kind of reminder that strengthens muscles over time. No more slouching or hunchback. Posture Femminile is the solution to improve your physique and appearance.

Comfortable and elegant

Postura Femminile is a comfortable beauty accessory to wear discreetly, in the office or at parties. It must be worn directly on the skin under clothes, throughout the day.

Easy to use

Female posture is easy to wear, remove and adjust with the help of the adjustable bra buckle in the back.

The importance of good posture

Good posture has great effects on general health. Body posture affects body language, mood and results. Good posture increases your well-being and decreases stress levels, while reinforced the back and muscles of the center.

Sizes: Xs S M L
Waist in cm: 60-75 cm 75-85 85-95 95-120
Weight (kg): 40-50 50-65 65-80 80-95
Height (cm): 150-160 150-170 160- 175 165-190

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