Swedish Posture - Reminder T-shirt Man


Color: Black
Size: S


The Posture Reminder T-shirt has the postural alignment technology that prevents you from tilting and reminds you to stand straight while keeping your shoulders aligned. When the shoulder blades are held back and the spine is aligned, it automatically activates the muscles and engages the core while standing and sitting.

The t-shirt does not need compression to keep you on your feet, it is loose and comfortable around the waist which makes it aesthetic for all bodies and suitable for all occasions.

  • Immediate effect - your posture improved immediately!
  • It can be used all day.
  • Black and white color.
  • Material: 77% nylon, 23% elastane.

Unfortunately in today's modern world, most of us spend most of our days working at work, with our computer desks crumpled, and evenings looking at our devices. There is little time when we are not in this fatal position. But let's change all that with The Posture Reminder T-Shirt!

Instantly improve your pusture

The Posture Reminder t-shirt gives you a "WOW" feeling when you wear it. It's so subtle but still so efficient. Gently align your shoulders and shoulders in the correct position, without being too tight.

It can be used in any way

The Posture Reminder T-Shirt can be used under a shirt in the office or on its own during exercise. The elastic and breathable material is perfect for any occasion.

Postural alignment technology

An elastic back panel guides the shoulders back in perfect alignment.

Line up your shoulders

Wearing the Posture Reminder t-shirts you will feel an instant improvement in your posture. Stretch your chest, deepen your breathing, engage your postural muscles, activate your core and align your entire upper body. Without using compression like other posture shirts do.

To be used all day

The Posture Reminder t-shirt can be used all day, as it is so gentle on your body.

Why is good posture important?

With good posture you experience less back pain, greater flexibility, deeper breathing and radiates more charisma and self-esteem.

How to wear the T-SHIRT?

Make sure the back panel, Posture Alignment Technology, extends over the shoulder blades of your back.

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