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Are you ready to rest like a pro?

We provide the ultimate guided rest workout experience that can help reduce stress and improve your performance. Beautiful soundscapes designed to help you Rest In Style at home, at work, at school or on the go.

This is the maximum of RELAXATION.

  • 100% blackout bans visual distractions
  • Passive noise isolation
  • 360 ° comfort with Grade 3 memory foam
  • The first audio device on which you can comfortably lie
  • Free educational content for rest

Do you know that rest can literally change your life?

Science has shown that rest at the right time can change your life. Our ancestors did. It's just that somehow the rest of us forgot about the benefits that rest can bring. In today's society naptime is seen as a sign of laziness. Something that is reserved for quiet Sundays.

However, the opposite is true. The study showed that taking a nap can help the body relax, build its natural mechanism to fight stress and increase productivity.

Let us help you to give the best of yourself.


  • At work

The most progressive companies in the world understand the impact of Corporate well-being. Rooms for rest are the norm. Increase your productivity now.

  • When meditating

Wait until you hear the sound of the monastery songs or the atmosphere of the calming rain. This is a way to turn off the mind and meditate easily.

  • On the road

Remove the pain from traveling and block those annoying ailments. Rest efficiently and feel refreshed at your destination and ready to go!

What is included inside the package:

  • Mask for rest
  • Exercises for rest
  • Music for rest

Turn off your visual senses with this high-quality audio device and master the power of the nap

Ensuring the blocking of all visual distractions is vital to calm the brain. The mask for the NAP is 100% blackout with grips that allow the eyes the freedom to move while ensuring REM sleep.

The patent-pending design allows for easy packaging and transportation, as well as unparalleled comfort. The highest quality memory foams allow you to lie down comfortably in any position.

  • Customized for everyone

Our design allows you to customize each speaker placement, ensuring the highest possible quality.

  • Super Sonic Sound

We have partnered with leading audio providers to deliver the best possible sound experience. We have built our own custom hardware to provide engaging frequencies.

  • Circadian rhythm

Your circadian rhythm is regulated by an internal clock encoded in your genes. It operates on a 24-hour cycle, light-dark, in sync with the sun. When you have the jetlag, it is when the circadian rhythm is out of sync with the sun in your position.

Nap can help you find balance when you don't get enough sleep. Even a 20-minute nap can help you increase your energy and restore fatigue levels.

Breathing properly is the first step towards fantastic naps. By clearing your mind and controlling your breath you can master the thoughts that flow around your head and keep you awake at night, but it takes practice. Once you are able to free your mind, your body will follow suit and it will be easier to get fantastic naps. All this is part of the management of sleep logistics.

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