TheraLight - FIT


This low -level laser therapy device brings light therapy to any individual regardless of the operator license and provides adjustable irradiation on four wavelengths to treat a range of unprecedented conditions.

  • 4 wavelengths adjustable independently for a specific dosage for the patient
  • Quick sessions of 10 minutes for a higher ROI than other light therapy devices on the market
  • Includes a wireless tablet for a convenient operation and regulation of all settings
  • Patient shutdown switch inside the capsule as further safeguard
  • It does not require the license of a doctor, making the low level laser therapy accessible to anyone

The Thelarlight Fit Full Body Light Therapy Wellness Pod does not require the license of a doctor to be possessed and used, bringing the therapy of the cutting -edge of Da Vinci Medical to several patients in any environment. This extremely powerful device provides 42 joules and 80mw/cm2 through four different wavelengths. Each wavelength can be set as pulsate or CW and is independently adjustable between 10 and 5,000 Hz with increases of 1 Hz; This wide range of adjustments ensures that each session is personalized in a unique way to meet the patient's needs. All settings are controlled by the including wireless tablet that makes adjustments and operation simple and easy; A switch inside the capsule allows patients to turn off the entire device during treatment as a further safeguard.

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