Vacu Activ - Bodyshape PRO


Configuration: TREADMILL
Functions: STANDARD


Start losing weight now with the new and unique innovative technology Bodyshape by Vacu Activ.

You can work physically using a treadmill, a roller or a bicycle while enjoying the benefits of submitting the body to the vacuum effect and exposing it to infrared rays. The machine is designed to meet the needs of both categories of users, beginners and experts.

When designing and implementing the Bodyshape, Vacu Activ focused on consumer demand. The initial goal was to create a machine that best meets basic expectations:

  • Functionality
  • Results
  • Easy to use
  • Modern design


The technologies included in the Bodyshape have previously been used for many years and therefore their effects have been repeatedly proven.

Analyzes and observations concerning their impact on the human body have led to the development of a method that combines two elements in a single tool.

The final result is guaranteed, as the machine leads the user to undergo a much more intense exercise than the usual standard workout.

  • Vacuum
  • Infrared rays
  • Chromotherapy


  • Air ionization
  • Ozone therapy


  • Aromatherapy
  • Collagen


  • Electrostimulation
  • MP3 / TV DVD

Our team of experts will help you in choosing the appropriate configuration for your Center, in order to achieve the best results. Analyze and identify what you need, ensuring the best possible solutions, at the best quality / price ratio.


Are you still trying to get the perfect size? Is your diet not working? From today, you don't have to worry.

With Bodyshape you can burn up to 500 calories in one sitting. All the technologies within it are used to increase the demand for muscle energy. Energy created during the fat burning process.

Bodyshape will allow you to lose excess weight without the need for a specific diet.

30 minutes of sitting -> 500 calories

Easy to use

The use of the machine is simplified thanks to the intuitive menu.

After just a single use, you will be able to learn all about the operation of the equipment. Working with these machines does not require specialized personnel.

Modern control computer with touch screen

Latest generation LED display with touch screen.

Specially designed graphical interface, intuitive and very easy to use

Information displayed: time, speed, distance, calories, level, beats, pace, duration

Choice of 6 specifically created training programs or simple setting of your own personalized program.

Possibility to modify the following parameters according to your needs: vacuum, treadmill slope, infrared rays, speed, other functions.

Modern design

The many years of experience in designing slimming capsules have allowed us to create a product with a modern design that captures the attention of every customer.

The additional options have an aesthetic function that differentiates the Bodyshape from all other devices available on the market.

Jogging simulator, virtual and multivision.

Do your workout by crossing the most beautiful places in the world

Interactive training

Each trip is synchronized with the speed level of your exercise

Realistic imitation of the route

The shot is automatically adjusted according to the path

Check your training

Measurement of distance, duration, speed and calories burned during training

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