Vacu Ν - Rollshape PRO




It satisfies all customer needs with one innovative technology Vacu Pro Rollshape.


The machine has such resistance that it can cope with a long-term use: there can be more than 20 sessions a day!


The Rollshape deisgnFOR is the result of the work of the best professionals in the field of fitness equipment design.FOR is able to attract the attention of your customers. The material used to construct the clip shapeFOR and of every part of it, it is of absolute quality and the guarantee of 2 years is the testimony of it.

The modern and attractive design is the main feature of this model of the Clip Shape PRO. The convenient touch screen makes it easy to use. It has in memory three automatic programs and the possibility of individualized duration, speed and direction of massage.

In addition, the Rollshape PRO model has two additional functions: infrared and chromotherapy. To increase the effectiveness and pleasure of training.

Infrared rays

They make the massage very pleasant, heating the rollers of the Pov Shape FOR. Their action allows the body to eliminate more quickly a large amount of toxins accumulated and deposited in the deepest layer of the skin.

The heat, moreover, generates a relaxation of the muscle, thanks to which the treatment is more effective.

Infrared rays, thanks to these particular characteristics, are one of the most widely used therapies in the world of fitness technologies.


It is a therapy that uses the colors, specially selected, in order to generate an impact on the body, stressing in particular the hormonal appearance.

Thanks to chromotherapy, we can also benefit psychophysically.

The colored lamps of the clip shape can also be handled remotely with a convenient remote control.

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