Wellsystem MEDICAL


Wellsystem Medical It combines the delicate power of water with the beneficial heat to create a unique therapeutic concept with a wide range of positive effects.

With Wellsystem Medical You have the right personalized therapeutic method, for each patient:

Wellsystem Medical And Usable while you are fully dressed - without the need to change, without taking a shower later, for a quick availability and simple operation.

With dry whirlpool with Wellsystem Medical, the warmth of the water penetrates the deep layers of the tissues and stimulates the patient's blood flow.

The delicate strength of water activates the metabolism and helps to dissolve the tense muscles.

A great advantage of this specific thermal treatment is found in the fact that, does not solicit the circulatory system, nor does it cause post massage sweating.

The indications that can be treated with the Wellsystem Medical include:

  • Pain in the back and joints
  • Muscle tension
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Muscle tension linked to stress
  • Cervical migraines
  • Fibromyalgia (mild form)
  • Excessive muscle fatigue
  • Reversible functional disorders of the spine
  • Conditions of the cervical and chest spine, sciatica

Furthermore, Wellsystem Medical And Wellsystem Medical Plus, provide an ideal preparation for subsequent therapeutic measures such as extensions, manual therapy or physiotherapy. They are ideal for use after or as a preparation for chiropractic manipulations.

And not least, regular use increases the general well -being of patients and makes each visit to the study a pleasant experience for them.

Wellsystem Medical It is filled with approx. 300 liters of water which can be heated at a comfortable temperature of 25-40 degrees.

The massage nozzles spray water against the lower part of the natural rubber bed with uniform movements thanks to continuous adjustable pressure.

The force of pressure, massage areas and massage times can be controlled individually for each application.

The devices are managed via a control panel with a soft-touch keyboard. Self-explosive pictograms make the operation extremely simple and intuitive.

With Wellsystem Medical The nozzles move in a span parallel from head to toe or in an area of ​​massage individually set (parallel massage).

Impulse massage can be activated.

Operation characteristics:

  • Control panel with soft-touch keyboard
  • Display for the past massage time
  • Display for pressure setting
  • Headrest

Selectable types of massage:

  • Parallel massage
  • Impulse massage

Technical data and dimensions (standard)

Maximum application time:

45 min.


0.5-4 bar

Water temperature:

25-40 ° C

Device size (l x p x a):

2150 x 1100 x 570 mm

Bed surface (l x p):

1950 x 800 mm

Empty device weight:

149 kg

Total device weight:

453 kg

Water capacity:

  1. 304 liters

Energy consumption:

  1. 3000 W

Connection / fuse:

220 - 240V / 16A


IR for service PC

Interface for all control systems available on the market



Brand name


Mdd, class lla

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