Wellsystem Relax Plus


Relax plus It is the further development of Wellsystem Relax And it offers numerous new functions.

As for Wellsystem Relax, you can select several areas of massage, such as whole body, back, shoulders, loins, legs, selection massage and punctual massage.

There are also three pre-installed massage programs in the device.

In addition to parallel massage, massage techniques such as the massage with mirror image, The circular massage and the massage with parallel race

The speed of the massage and the length of the body can be adjusted individually on the Relax plus. With the additional relaxation functions of Wellsystem_SPA, the Relax plus Become a unique experience.

Dimensions of the appliance (L X P X A)

2,150 x 1,060 x 570 mm (with spa: 2.160 mm in length)

Empty device weight

168 kg (with spa: 201 kg)

Maximum user weight

210 kg

Maximum duration of use

45 minutes

Water temperature

25 - 40 ° C

Water capacity

  1. 304 liters

Ventilation function with Easy Access


Maximum energy consumption

2,600 Watt (Spa: 100 Watt)


LAN interface for access to standard control services and systems


Tested EMV, CE brand, tested Tüv GS

Active medical certificate


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