Wellsystem SPA


With the option Wellsystem Spa The massage expands its relaxation functions.

Wellsystem Spa And Available for all Wellsystem models. Perfumes, colors and light have a direct influence on our mood and can reinvigorate or relax. The wellness world of the spa with water, light, color, aroma and sound makes you take a short break from everyday life, to live an experience with all the senses.

Wellsystem Spa It is love at first sight. The structure of the Spa it adapts perfectly to the design of Wave_Touch And he invites you to take a relaxing break with its environmental lighting and spacious interiors.

Color light programs:

5 (to increase the wellness experience)

Colors and light can increase wellness and have numerous positive effects on the body and mind. The new colored light programs and LED brightness for skin care have been developed together with an important lighting biologist.

  • Green light

Relax = After a stressful day of work or physical effort, relaxing green light helps you relax and feel completely comfortable.

  • Orange light

Reloading = colorful light with orange-red visible optimally is ideal for recharging the batteries and recharging the energy, for example after physical effort.

  • Celestial light

Activate = in a captivate celestial light illuminates the mood and activates the body and mind.

  • Rainbow light

With Rainbow you can live one after the other all the colors of the rainbow during the massage and discover the effect of each color.

Your advantages at a glance

  • An individual relaxation area in a minimum space
  • Complete recovery concept
  • Modular use
  • Low investment of staff
  • Low operating costs
  • Compact dimensions

Left behind the stress of daily life with Wellsystem Spa.

Designed to meet individual needs, Wellsystem Spa It represents the sensual strengthening of hydrogen massage with its wide range of comfort programs. Wellsystem Spa It is the wellness center for all senses and allows you to relax and effectively prevent stress in a short time.

Wellsystem Spa Create a world of relaxation using:

  • waterfall
  • light
  • air
  • color
  • aroma
  • sound

 Technical data and dimensions (standard)

Device size:

750 x 955 x 520 mm (L x P X A)

Device weight:

~ 33 kg

Energy consumption:

100 W

Connection / fuse:

 220 - 240 V / 16 a


GS (Tüv)

Purchase methods

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