Wellsystem Wave_Touch


Wellsystem Wave_Touch Announces a new era in relaxation.

The most important novelty of Wave_Touch It is the innovative massage function behind and the cervical.

The trapeze of the shoulder is the number one enemy of mental stress, it causes pain and voltage extended to the whole body that becomes rigid due to an incorrect posture.

Thanks to the membrane with a special shape, which ergonomically surrounds the shoulder area, the massive hydrogen can work on the whole shoulder musculature. Filled with approx. 300 liters of water which can be heated at a comfortable temperature of 25-40 degrees.

The massage nozzles spray water against the lower part of the natural rubber bed with uniform movements thanks to continuous adjustable pressure.

The force of pressure, massage areas and massage times can be controlled individually for each application.

The devices are managed via a control panel with a soft-touch keyboard. Self-explosive pictograms make the operation extremely simple and intuitive.

Finally a highly effective massage experience that no other water massage on the market can propose.

It can be adjusted individually and offers an incomparable massage experience. Let Wave_Touch transport you to a unique world of rest and relaxation.

The applications treated by Wellsystem Wave_Touch include:

  • Relaxing of the trapeze shoulder muscle
  • Back pain and joints
  • Muscle tension
  • Muscle imbalances
  • The muscle tension linked to stress
  • Cervical migraines
  • Fibromyalgia (mild form)
  • Excessive muscle fatigue
  • The reversible functional disorders of the spine
  • The conditions of the cervical and chest spine, sciatica

Operation characteristics:

  • Control panel with soft-touch keyboard
  • Display for the past massage time
  • Display for pressure setting
  • Display for setting the body length
  • Display for setting the speed speed

Selectable types of massage:

  • Parallel massage
  • Mirror massage
  • Circular massage
  • Parallel massage
  • Impulses

Selectable massage areas:

  • The whole body, back, shoulders, lumbar region, legs
  • Section massage with freely selectable area
  • Punctual massage with freely selectable area
  • 6 preset therapeutic massage programs:

 + The whole body

 + Full back

 + Upper part of the back

 + Lower part of the back (lumbar region)

 + Hips / thighs

 + Full hips/legs



Device size (l x p x a)

2,300 x 1,100 x 570 mm

Wall of the empty device

220 kg

Maximum user weight

210 kg

Maximum duration of use

45 minutes

Water temperature

20 - 40 ° C

Water capacity

  1. 330 liters

Ventilation function with Easy Access


Maximum energy consumption

2,830 Watt


Integrated service PC, standard control systems


Tested EMV, CE brand

Active medical certificate


SpA option

With the Wellsystem Spa option, the massage expands its relaxation functions.

Wellsystem Spa is Available for all Wellsystem modelsPerfumes, colors and light have a direct influence on our mood and can reinvigorate or relax. The Wellness World of the Spa with water, light, color, aroma and sound makes you take a short break from everyday life, to live an in and with all the senses.

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