Weyergans Vacustyler ® Avantgarde


Waves of vacuum, compression and beauty light at the same time The innovative and patented Vacustyler ® Avantgarde offers you and your customers new dimensions for skin, figure and healthcare. The process is striking in the waves of vacuum and overpressure and has its roots in space medicine. The state-of-the-art version of the original Vacustyler ® combines proven vacuum wave therapy with the benefits of compression treatment (mechanical lymphatic drainage, flowing wave massage). Customers find the alternation between vacuum and overpressure to be extremely pleasant, relaxing and relaxing. At the same time, the Vacustyler ® Avantgarde with its integrated beauty module (Red light in the near infrared range in precisely defined wavelengths, photobiostimulation) to further strengthen the connective tissue and improve the skin's appearance. This red light effect has been proven in a medical study.

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