Zimmer - Cryo 7


Zimmer Cryo 7, Cold -air chiller for aesthetic treatments and dermatological procedures. Cryo 7 is also used in cryotherapy To treat some problems of the locomotor system.

Available in the Aesthetics Cryo 7 version for laser treatments and in the Physio Cryo 7 version for physiotherapy treatments.

Cryo 7 is the top of the cold air range designed to minimize thermal damage and the pain of customers during treatments with surface laser light and to calm the pains of injections such as fillers and anesthetics.


  • Much more silent than previous models
  • Reduced consumption of 25%, Eco Standby mode
  • Articulated arm included
  • 10 "touchscreen color display
  • Treatment tube increased at 2.5 meters with magnetic attachment
  • Reduced footprint
  • Elegant and innovative design

The air flow is adjustable through 9 different levels.

The air of the environment is filtered and cooled up to -30 ° C at the exit of the flexible tube. The articulated arm included is available to hook the tube to the most well -known laser handpasses on the market.

Cryo 7 has a transparent glass shelf on which you can place accessories or other electromedicals up to a Maximum of 35kg in weight.

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