Zimmer CryoVIP


The CryoVIP cryowellness chamber creates a dry, deep cold of -85°C (-121°F), a temperature so low that it has only been recorded one time in Antarctica in July 1983. In other words, CryoVIP offers you an experience unlike any found naturally on earth.

Some benefits of CryoVIP:
- Promotes blood circulation
- Stabilises the barrier function of the skin
- Deacidifies the body
- Counteracts obesity and cellulite
- Prevents muscle soreness
- Slows ageing processes and alleviates age-related problems

Technical features:
- Automatic dehumidification by freeze-drying: the chamber defrosts automatically
- Easy to operate with touch pad and with an iPhone/smartphone app
- Use the heat removed from the CryoVIP to heat a hot tub or a small swimming pool, for example
- Listen to music or radio with the MP3 connection and speakers in the chamber

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