Zimmer Icelab 2 rooms


Zimmer Icelab 2 Chambers is composed of 2 colelgate sections: one section can reach up to -60 ° C and the other -110 ° C. Icelab is incredibly simple to use: the system is automatically controlled and uses pre-set operating times.

Iceland's security technology refers to the highest international standards and ensures that there are no risks for the user.

Security features include:
- Heated anti-jam door in the main chamber
- Large heated windows for external monitoring in combination with an intercom system
- Large color LCD screens for complete visual monitoring of the camera and operational data
- Monitoring and visualization of any faults in key system components
- Direct factory monitoring of technical data via modem or Internet in real time

Technical data:
- Electric connection 400 V, three-phase, 50 A
- Power consumption in standby mode 8 kW during maximum therapy of 18 kW
- Compressor maintenance interval not less than 2,800 hours of operation

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