Smart Tools - Smart Cuffs - Clinical set

Smart Tools - Smart Cuffs - Clinical set

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This is the future of rehab.

This is BFR.

These are the Smart Cuffs.


What is Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR)?

 BFR is the act of safely restricting venous blood flow from a working muscle, but allowing arterial blood flow to that working muscle. This is done primarily with low intensity resistance training. Since the ability of that blood to escape is dramatically reduced, metabolic stress and cellular swelling are greatly increased. As a result, increased growth hormone, muscle hypertrophy, and muscle strength occur.

 BFR is a game changer in the world of rehab. Before now, it would take weeks, if not months, for post-surgical patients to begin rehab at 70-80% of their 1 rep max. BFR enables the patient to get those same results, but at 30-40% of their 1 rep max. Due to this, the patient can begin rehab much sooner, regain their strength to prevent atrophy, and ultimately get them back to functioning in a fraction of the traditional time.


How is it performed?

BFR is done by placing an external apparatus (Smart Cuff) either at the proximal portion of the humerus (between bicep and deltoid) or at the proximal portion of the femur/thigh.


How are the Smart Cuffs different?

  • Specifically designed from the ground up for BFR with a proprietary bladder system - A single-chambered bladder system to allow LOP (Limb Occlusion Pressure) measurement for clinical use
  • 4inch wide Cuffs for safety - Lower pressures required to achieve LOP
  • Doppler comes standard with the Smart Cuffs Clinical Set
  • The valve system allows reliable tube detachment while maintaining Cuff inflation for freedom of movement and consistent results
  • Thick, anti-microbial Neoprene encases the bladder system to provide superior comfort, hygiene, and durability
  • Industry leading MDF® Bravata®  sphygmomanometer with movement by Bachmaier and Klemmer™ for highly accurate measurements
  • Specific inflation metrics for each Cuff size to ensure reliable and consistent results
  • Herringbone woven nylon fabric lines the edges for enhanced comfort
  • Made in the USA
  • FDA Listed Class 1 Pneumatic Tourniquet 
  • Affordable for all medical and fitness professionals

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